Get the Full Betty Blocks Picture in 5 Minutes or Less

Since the late 90s, rapid application development (RAD) has made the transition from the ugly duckling of digital transformation to a multi-billion dollar industry. Elements that once posed looming question marks over RAD platforms — scalability, usability, and governance — are now possible thanks to the evolution of low- and no-code technology.

The prevailing question today is not 'can the platform do x, y, and z?' but rather 'which platform can do it best?' To help you in the vetting process, we’ve collected all the need-to-know information about Betty Blocks in a simple to use Evaluation Guide.

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Your one-stop-no-code-shop

There’s a mountain of information about RAD platforms and strategies out there and you could lose days trying to absorb it all. If that’s how you prefer doing your research then we absolutely won’t stop you! However, if you’re a busy person who just needs the facts about Betty Blocks, no-code, and what the platform is capable of, then this guide is made for you.

Inside the guide

As mentioned, the Evaluation Guide covers the must-know facts for anyone in the process of vetting a RAD platform for their company. No matter what your role is (CIO, business manager, IT pro), you’ll find information on topics related to your interests, such as:

  • Developing in Betty Blocks
  • Platform components & features
  • Organizational functionality
  • Our partner network
  • How to best implement no-code 

A summary of the summary

Betty Blocks’ vision is a simple one: “By 2023, we can all build applications”. In order to do that, our platform provides tools for all types of developers to contribute to digital transformation. That means citizen developers won’t ever be restricted by technical barriers while IT professionals have the flexibility to put all their coding knowledge into practice.

To make sure all your developers (of any type) can work together, Betty Blocks’ platform is 100% cloud-based. Operating in the cloud means you’re always working in a real-time environment that is multi-user enabled, always up to date, and can instantly deploy applications with just the click of a button.

Prefer a more hands-on approach?

Let’s say you’re REALLY busy and only have 30 minutes to do your research. No problem, send us your idea for a business case which we will use to create a personalized half-hour demo for you as a proof of concept. You’ll be chatting live with one of our developers so it’s also a great time to get answers to any questions you may have!

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