Exactly what you get from a platform demo

30 minutes doesn’t feel like a lot of time in the grand scheme of things but you’d be surprised what you can get done in a half-hour. For example, you could clean your mailbox, do some light exercise, or get a personalized no-code demonstration with Betty Blocks. Yes, one of these things is not like the others.

The question is, would you rather take up yoga or find out if Betty Blocks can get rid of your organization’s pain points for good?

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Make your ideas manifest

You’ve probably already got some killer ideas how that might happen right? Improving your organization that is… not taking a yoga class. Problem is, calculating the return on investment (RoI) for process optimization, time management, or new lines of business, is tough without some kind of proof. Especially when you consider the cost of traditional software prototyping.

So why not let us take your business case, add some less traditional no-code spice, and show you exactly how your application would work in a proof of concept demonstration. Complete with a technical deep-dive into what makes no-code the ideal rapid application development (RAD) tool for your organization. 


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What you get compared to yoga

Now, we haven’t met anyone who dislikes yoga, because it’s great, but we think we can offer you more bang for your 30-minute buck. So let’s compare the two as objectively as possible in a quick-fire list:

What do you get with a demo - table

Jokes aside, there is more to it than throwing together a generic wireframe and walking you through it. Before anything else, you’ll be invited for a quick call to discuss your needs a little more in-depth. The goal of the call isn’t to interrogate you but rather to get a grasp of what your organization’s real pain points are outside of just a software gap. 

Our team would rather build a proof of concept based around you than just show the general strengths of no-code. Throughout the demonstration, you’re 100% free to recommend changes on the fly. Drag-and-drop development like no-code is great for editing on the fly so we’re always happy to click new components together for you.

Leave no stone unturned

Unlike a webinar or online demonstration, you’ll have the undivided attention of one of our gorgeous experts for the full half-hour. You’ll have plenty of time to discuss exactly how no-code works in the context of your business case and we’ll answer any questions you may have about:

  • Platform functionality
  • Hosting, security, and extensibility
  • Citizen development in enterprises
  • Or any other questions you may have

How to get started

It’s super easy to reach out, just head over to the demo request page and fill in your business case. Even if you’re not 100% sure what you want to try out, give a brief outline of what your needs are and we can throw something together that covers a broader purpose in your sector. 

Quick tip: Check out this platform demo video by our CEO Chris Obdam that explains all the fundamental building steps of the Betty Blocks no-code development platform. Getting a basic understanding idea of how the Betty Blocks platform works beforehand lets us cover way more group during the demonstration!

Ready to fly solo?

Some people prefer the do-it-yourself approach; if that’s you, you’re already a match for no-code. It’s totally possible to keep going with the platform through our free online courses. Here you’ll get access to a wide range of video tutorials that will teach you exactly how to use Betty Blocks’ platform and the tools you’ll use to innovate faster than ever.


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