Dynamic Management Systems Cuts Development Costs by 80% with Betty Blocks

Press Release - 16 July 2019 - South African process optimization experts Dynamic Management Systems (DMS) announced their partnership with Betty Blocks today. DMS will use no-code development to dramatically reduce time to market and lower costs for their high-security mining and construction software. The collaboration will also facilitate the growth of DMS’s own bespoke onboarding programs.


Delivering the software to the highest standards

Founders of DMS, Juan le Roex, Peter Montgomery and Adrian Hulbert, have more than 60 years of experience within the mining, construction, supply chain, and industrial sector. Each of these industries is regulated by National Security legislature (SANS 1393, CIDB, and ISO ratings), making software security paramount to any organization’s success. Juan, Peter, and Adrian apply their own expertise along with their team of process managers to provide clients with tailored core application services and back office maintenance solutions.

“Every company we run into in the mining or industrial sector has the same problems. Even though they’ve got an ISO rating, they don’t follow their own processes and use their software incorrectly. With Betty Blocks, we’re able to build a demonstrable concept in a short period of time as well as deliver e-learning materials for effective onboarding after delivery.”

Optimizing software with e-Learning and structured processes

These eLearning modules are a core component of the Dynamic Management Systems business which includes integration to operational management systems and processes. As Juan stated, organizations which circumvent or misuse software open the door for security issues that threaten their ISO ratings. Each module is therefore created to effectively onboard employees within the company to fully integrate the delivered solution throughout their clients’ business.

“Originally, we spent millions on developing software with systems such as Visual Studio. With time to market becoming more important to us, we’ll be using Betty Blocks to ensure faster prototyping and deployment to cut development costs by 80 percent. Maintainability is also an issue which is much more robust and easier to manage with Betty Blocks and therefore reduces the life-cycle costs of the product.”

Establishing a dominant foothold in the market

DMS will continue to evolve their interaction with clients thanks to the approachability of Betty Block’s no-code platform. Using Betty Blocks, they can already communicate with their clients directly during prototyping phases to target specific needs or requirements. DMS aims to leverage its new capabilities and become the preferred software provider for the South African market.

Tom Oudhuis, VP of Channel Sales at Betty Blocks has this to say regarding the new partnership: "Dynamic Management Systems is a prime example of a very experienced software development company that believes no-code is the future. We’re very excited to build a collaboration with Dynamic Management Systems, in South Africa as we continue our international expansion."

About Dynamic Management Systems

Dynamic Management Systems provides bespoke management systems for construction, manufacturing, mining and logistics enterprises. Our systems encompass integrated processes and software solutions to manage and control business. Our solutions provide a high level of visibility of business processes workflowed to all stakeholders which enable companies to operate effectively and efficiently.

From business process to overseeing the team, from maintaining schedules to bidding to outside tenders, we provide a service that will improve how you run your business.

Learn more at: https://dynamic-ms.net/

About Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is the world’s leading no-code platform. Betty Blocks empowers both enterprises and Citizen Developers to build complex, enterprise-grade applications efficiently and effectively without writing a single line of code. With their focus on the people, Betty Blocks empowers organizations to experiment towards the right solution and enable the workforce to take control of their innovation. Cloud-based Betty Blocks is available worldwide, and they currently have offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, US, UK, Japan, and South Africa.

Visit us at bettyblocks.com and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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