B2C Europe Choose No-Code to Enable Sustainable Digital Transformation

05 October 2020, Alkmaar - Rapid expansion of eCommerce platforms and the explosive popularity of online shopping have created an ever-increasing demand for reliable logistics partners to offer international parcel shipping and clearance solutions. B2C Europe, founded almost 20 years ago by CEO José Vega, is a flexible partner of choice for cross-border eComm businesses, with a history of service excellence as well as a strong personal connection with clients. Today, B2C Europe are redoubling their digital transformation strategy by choosing Betty Blocks’ no-code application development platform to rapidly deploy new systems into the organization. 


Rising pressure in logistics

Logistics as a whole has been under pressure for years due to consumer demand. Consumers in 2020 have exceedingly high expectations which, due to the Coronavirus in Q1 2020, are only increasing. That is why, as a value for money leader in the logistics market, B2C Europe’s CFO Bart Ybema is constantly searching for process optimization, automation, and RAD solutions that fit with the company’s ambitious goals. 

Betty Blocks was selected by B2C Europe because of the flexibility that the no-code platform offered enabling digital transformation projects to remain agile and cost-effective for multiple projects to come. Time to market wasn’t the only criterion though as B2C Europe also chose Betty Blocks because of a close cultural fit as both companies put people and sustainability at the core of their operations. 

”Following the growth in eCommerce that B2C Europe is experiencing, we have decided to choose Betty Blocks for servicing on our market demand. Development time will be minimized and thus acceleration of new B2C Europe products achieved: that is the goal of cooperation and the first development sprint already underway!”

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Optimizing processes, for the consumer

Being able to rapidly develop internal or customer-facing applications with no-code means that B2C Europe is capable of generating business value quickly in almost any area of the company. Together with Betty Blocks, the company is currently in active development of its first solutions which will bring significant improvements across targeted workflows and processes. Although the initial solutions target internal pain-points, consumers will still reap the rewards with faster delivery and communication regarding services. 

Frank Dignum, account executive at Betty Blocks, had this to say: ”Right from the start there was a great connection between us and B2C Europe. We’re looking forward to building on that relationship and making sure that B2C Europe can rapidly expand globally using no-code solutions. It’s an exciting venture which will cover many markets and we’re excited to face the challenges of each.”

Looking to the future, both B2C Europe and Betty Blocks have committed to improving the digital backbone of B2C Europe’s software ecosystem. Strategically, no-code development will ensure that B2C Europe is able to innovate much faster than its competitors and – through various improvements – earn more clients in the global market. 

About B2C Europe

B2C Europe is the largest independent full-service provider of distribution, return, and clearance solutions in Europe. With offices across Europe and China, we are able to provide the B2C e-commerce industry with easy access to the best delivery and returns networks for mail and parcels. We offer a wide range of cross border solutions including e-fulfillment, customs clearance, home delivery, pickup locations, and returns. We drive growth for e-commerce retailers and online platforms by ensuring great logistical performance for both the delivery and return of items. Our services allow international customers to compete with domestic competitors globally

Visit B2C Europe at: https://www.b2ceurope.eu or follow them on LinkedIn

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