Drive your Digital Transformation with Citizen Developers

If there’s anything that we can learn from history, it’s that technology will only continue to evolve. The speed of change brings with it greater demands from both consumers and businesses. So what comes next and how can you adapt in time?

Staying on the cutting edge of innovation requires more than just taking advantage of every resource you can get your hands on. You need to link your business and IT professionals with the needs of the modern world in order to quickly adapt to change. Citizen developers are the key to bridging that gap, and modernizing the development process.


Who are citizen developers?

To put it simply, a citizen developer could be anyone who, with the right tools, can be right at the front lines of your development process. Even without formal coding or programming experience. Think of them as a kind of common ground between end users and developers.

Citizen developers are a brand new asset for businesses, in some very unexpected ways. Their greatest strength, in truth, is having lived their whole lives immersed in technology. We’re not talking about millennials, we’re talking about a generation of technologically adept and aware individuals.

That level of innate understanding of the modern world helps citizen developers identify problems, trends, and solutions long before others might. Tapping into that knowledge is critical for any modern organization.

The human element of digital transformation

In the past we’ve always placed our most technical personnel at ground zero to drive innovation. Unfortunately, in today’s world, hand coding methods are slow and there aren’t enough developers to keep up with demand. By the time you’ve created a solution, the needs of your customers may have already shifted. 

Citizen developers offer the perfect solution as tech-savvy professionals who can contribute to application delivery. What’s more, they see inefficiencies in business processes and understand the human element as well.

When citizen developers are included in your development process, your end product becomes optimally effective for both your business and its customers.

Citizen developers: leaders in innovation

Being at the forefront of the development process connects citizen developers to both your IT professionals and end users. Combined with tools like low- and no-code platforms, citizen developers have access to the flexibility and speed they need to actively drive innovation in every aspect of your organization.

An expert’s opinion:

Simon Hunt, an independent researcher for the UK ministry of Defence, is an advocate of outfitting citizen developers with low- and no-code platforms to revolutionize application development. With 16 years of experience as a lead developer, he’s done research examining the role of citizen developers within organizations.

If you want to know how even large companies can successfully implement and govern citizen development, Simon is the man you need to talk to. Want to hear what he has to say?

Join us at Betty Blocks on stage on March 14th at the VUE cinema in Alkmaar where Simon will be sharing everything he knows.

Citizen developers are, without a doubt, the most impactful change that you can make within your digital transformation, providing a wealth of untapped knowledge and know-how. But how do they actually impact your organization? Next week's blog will cover everything you need to know and more. 


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