[Customer Case] Univé Creates New Line of Insurance with Betty Blocks' No-Code Platform

Read how Dutch insurance company Univé used the Betty Blocks no-code platform to enable a new line of preventive services, cutting back time to market from 1 year to 2,5 months and speeding up development time by 75 percent.


History of innovation

With a history of over 200 years, Univé has a long reputation of being one of the leading insurers in the Netherlands. Since the company was founded in 1794, it managed to stay on top of its game with forward-thinking and by often challenging the status quo.

That innovation is high on Univé’s agenda, is an understatement. And with the insurance sector being shaken up by rapid economic, global and technological changes, Univé decided to start an Innovation Lab to keep the business moving forward in the digital age. 

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Prevention is better than cure

Univé’s Innovation Lab had the idea to create a new service that focused on preventing risk and limiting damages. Because, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to insure people better by helping them avoid disaster in the first place, rather than helping them fix things afterwards?

To optimize the application development process, Univé turned to the Betty Blocks to help their business experts create the right software for the job. Without writing a single line of code, they were able to prototype and test their concept in no-time, convincing shareholders of its potential. By adopting a no-code strategy, Univé can stay on top of its game.

Want to know how they did it? Read the full customer case here.

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