Betty Blocks Announces No-Code Specialist Rubarb as New Partner

Press release - 12 August 2019 - Betty Blocks proudly presents its latest implementation partner: The no-code heroes of Rubarb will use the Betty Blocks platform to speed up and help democratize application development. 

Rubarb is a software production company that specializes in Rapid Application Development (RAD). They believe that everyone can turn a good idea into a software application, even if you don’t have any programming experience. This is where a no-code platform - with the right training and support, of course - makes a difference. 


By changing the way we develop software, Rubarb wants to empower business users while alleviating some of the burdens of existing IT departments. This saves organizations a lot of time so they can focus on what’s really important: innovation. After all, innovation is something one should focus on now, not in the future. And so, the software agency is actively scouting for people who cannot program

There’s no code like no-code 

Rubarb holds a successful track record of over 25 years. The company is a spin-off of (high-code) software production house Semantica. Initiators Andy van der Meij, Bernard Groen and Roland van der Heijden founded Rubarb to also build software and optimize business processes in the new frontier of no-code. 

They’re all convinced that the software market and the development climate will change drastically over the coming years: “We want businesses to profit from their internal knowledge without any restrictions from IT,” explains Andy van der Meij. “Together we are able to quickly turn ideas into functional solutions while being less dependent on the current scarcity of IT-resources. Think about Proof of Concepts - fast results and working prototypes that can be further developed.” 

According to Thijs Jenné, partner account manager at Betty Blocks, “Rubarb has shown to be a partner that’s involved and willing to learn more about the Betty Blocks platform. They have tons of experience developing software in the traditional way, and they are now putting that knowledge to use with no-code.” 

Rubarb will implement the Betty Blocks platform to directly apply the advantages of no-code. “We are supported by a huge pile of software development experience and resources,” says Van der Meij. “Semantica is always close by to assist us when we want to create something special. This way, there are no limitations to how far we can go.” 

We are delighted to welcome Rubarb as new member of the Betty Blocks team!

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