Betty Blocks Reports Record Start 2021

Betty Blocks, the leading citizen development platform, announces that they closed the first months of 2021 as the best in their recorded history. The organization's growth and interest in the platform confirm that citizen development is on the rise. 

The demand for new business products and business models has increased since the start of the pandemic. Betty Blocks offers the solution by removing technical barriers and offering businesses a citizen development platform to develop solutions without writing a single line of code. This innovative solution enables organizations worldwide to maximize their potential; by adopting a no-code platform, these organizations empower a new 'breed' of developers: citizen developers. 

Ecosystem of developers

"In the past year, a lot of organizations have realized how much they depend on core systems and what the impact of that is on innovation and growth," says CEO Chris Obdam. 

"During the switch to working remotely, the workload for IT departments increased significantly. As a result, in many organizations, innovation has been put on the back burner. However, as long as you're using the right tools, you enable all employees to collaborate with experienced developers.”

With Betty Blocks’ no-code platform, employees without experience in IT and code-writing can develop digital solutions. They are not limited by a lack of IT-related knowledge and don’t have to wait for the tech department to develop their innovative new tools. By letting these new ‘citizen developers’ in the organization work alongside the IT department, you can decrease the workload for IT people and accelerate digital transformation. 

Growth in the North American market

Betty Blocks sees a strong overall upward trend in digital transformation, but in the North American market, it’s growing exponentially, as more and more organizations in the U.S. see the value and benefits of it. Often dealing with a shortage of developers, these organizations started their search for new solutions. One of these is citizen development. "In many organizations, employees want to start innovating right away. And, to be honest, usually, they are tech-savvy enough. A citizen development platform like Betty Blocks empowers this new ‘breed’ of developers,” Obdam explains. 

About Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks is a world-leading no-code platform. Betty Blocks empowers both enterprises and citizen developers to build advanced, enterprise-grade applications efficiently and effectively - without writing a single line of code. With their focus on the people, Betty Blocks enables organizations to experiment and develop the right solutions, and hence empower the workforce to take control of innovation within the business. The cloud-based platform Betty Blocks is available worldwide, and they currently have offices in the Netherlands, Germany, the US, and the UK. 


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