Betty Blocks Enters Partnership with ICT Group

Press release - 9 October 2019 - Betty Blocks, the leading no-code platform, has welcomed ICT Group as its latest implementation partner. The Dutch software company will start using the no-code development platform for its business unit Transport & Logistics. For its first use case, ICT Group will build a Smart Asset Service. 


ICT Group has a long history of delivering innovative IT solutions for wide-ranging industries. Founded in 1978, the company holds an impressive track record within the manufacturing, industry, energy, infrastructure, mobility, and healthcare sector. With over 1400 professionals, ICT Group provides smart solutions by connecting people, ideas, and technologies.

The reason for adopting the Betty Blocks platform is that ICT Group wants to comply with higher demands of the market, with clients expecting a shorter time to market and sharper pricing. “Within all sectors, there is a growing demand for technical automation and smart solutions,” explains Hans van den Hoven, operations manager Transport & Logistics at ICT Group. “But at the same time, companies don’t want to invest in an end-product before extensively testing its feasibility and efficiency.”

Van den Hoven continues: “Betty Blocks allows us to prototype new ideas and present them to the customer, long before the product officially makes it into production. This saves time and money, and minimizes the risk of failure.”

ICT Group already found the perfect candidate to test the no-code development platform on. “We will build an asset management system for one of our existing clients.”

First, ICT Group will create the software to demonstrate its added value: “Building the product in Betty Blocks saves us many hours of work.”

Betty Blocks is thrilled to have ICT Group as their partner, moreover as both parties also have strategic partnerships with Microsoft. This means that they can put their shared resources to good use. Betty Blocks CEO, Chris Obdam states: “ICT Group is always allowed to call on the skills and knowledge of Betty Blocks, our existing clients, and our partners. By sharing these resources, we believe we can achieve so much more.”

Bart Overgaauw, business unit manager Transport & Logistics at ICT Group: “With Betty Blocks, our goal is to optimize our market adaptability in order to better service our clients in the future. Our partnership is valid for the entire ICT Group, but we’ll begin applying the no-code strategy in Transport & Logistics. We will start small, and see how it evolves from here.”

About ICT Group

With more than 1400 professionals, ICT Group helps companies, products, and projects develop further with smart, innovative, integrated and challenging technology solutions. The more complex the project is, the more enthusiastic we get. And the more ambitious the goal, the more we push our boundaries. This is what drives us. And that is why we have been successful for more than 40 years in technological and industrial markets. Visit

About Betty Blocks

As the world’s leading no-code platform, Betty Blocks empowers both enterprises and Citizen Developers to build complex applications efficiently and effectively without writing a single line of code. With its focus on people, Betty Blocks empowers organizations to work towards the right solution and enable the workforce to take control of their innovations. Cloud-based Betty Blocks is available worldwide. The company has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, US, UK, and South Africa. Visit

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