Betty Blocks Appoints Tom Pel as VP of People and Culture

The no-code development platform Betty Blocks has added the former HR director of, Tom Pel, to the management team. Following the $33 million investment this summer, this is Betty Blocks’ next step in strengthening the organization’s position in both Europe and the USA. With the arrival of Pel, Betty Blocks now focuses on talent development, sustainable growth and the well-being of employees.  

Tom Pel joins Betty Blocks after working at, the biggest travel organization worldwide, for nine years. In various roles at, Pel was responsible for HR policy and the growth of the organization. Looking back at that period, he sees a number of important similarities between the two companies. “At (in 2011) as well at Betty Blocks, there’s a ‘winning culture’. People are humble, the organizations are flat, there’s a lot of collaboration across different teams and there's an unlimited potential for growth - due to the unique position of the product in the market. Betty Blocks has a unique vision on software development, which distinguishes the company from other IT firms. Taking such a position in the market requires a special team that shares this vision. Even during my first acquaintance with Betty Blocks, I felt the passion, entrepreneurship and the impact that this organization will have in the coming years. I am delighted to join the team.”  

Down to earth 

Betty Blocks has been widely recognized for their platform, which immediately adds value for organizations by making their software as well as software development scalable. Chris Obdam, founder and CEO of Betty Blocks, is very pleased about Tom joining the team. “We strongly believe that software development is possible for a very large group of people, as long as they are given the right tools. Our strength lies in that conviction, but also in the down-to-earth attitude you feel throughout our company. Thanks to that approach and our culture, we have grown from a startup founded in a small village in North-Holland to an international player. We were looking for someone who complements us and feels at home in our working environment. Someone who guards our unique culture, regardless of how fast we grow. In Tom, we have definitely found the perfect VP of People and Culture.”

It all starts with people 

In any organization, growing always means that opportunities arise and new roles appear. Tom plans to take significant steps in that direction in the last quarter of 2021. “It is my task and mission to create an ecosystem in which we facilitate talent in both growth and performance. That way, regardless of experience or position, our people can grow along with the success of the company - as well as directly contribute to it. This means that we look closely at our foundation and the skills and experience we have in-house. On top of that, we focus on how we can best attract and facilitate new talent. After all, they will be an important factor for further growth and success.” 

In the past, multiple colleagues at Betty Blocks have already grown from interns or juniors to seniors and managers. Tom adds: “These people are the backbone of Betty Blocks. They know our history and have continuously developed and grown along with both the organization and our product.” 

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