The 13 Frequently Asked Questions At Our Gartner Symposium Booth

Gartnersym.jpegThe first day of the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is finished. We’ve had many people coming to our booth, and they all had questions about Betty Blocks and our platform. This article answers the frequently asked ones. Can’t find the answer to your question here? Feel free to reach out to us!

1: Is Betty Blocks for mobile development only?

Your Betty Blocks app is multi-device ready and cross-platform ready and accessible everywhere. Build mobile apps at the same pace as you do business and web apps.

2: Where is Betty Blocks hosted? On which infrastructure?

We are primarily hosted in the Netherlands and we're close to offering several options for different hosting zones. Mainly theUS, Japan and different locations in Europe.
Furthermore, our hosting services include: 

  • Uptime of 99,9%
  • Redundant hosting
  • Load-balanced hosting

3: I don't believe you can build applications without coding, can you show me?

Yes we can! We happily give demos to people who are interested in the Betty Blocks platform. The demo is 30-minutes adjusted to your business case including time for questions. Conveniently via Skype, or Google Hangouts, or any other video chat service you like. Infact, you can get 1 day of PoC development for free!

4: Can I publish my application to the App Store or Play Store?

Yes, you can! You can build web apps with Betty Blocks, but by adopting the PhoneGap framework, you can easily publish anything to the App or Play store.

5: Where are you guys from?

We originated in The Netherlands, the world’s leading country in innovation and low-code & no-code software development. We challenge the status quo by taking the tech out of IT and enlarging the role of the citizen developer. And we want to democratize application development. That's why we have a name that is really personal and approachable, which also flows through in our company culture. We started in a small village in The Netherlands; Obdam and we are now an international, leading player in the hpaPaaS market. Making sure we preserve our approachable and personal culture. We as a country lead the way when it comes to no-code and low-code.

6: Where does the name Betty Blocks come from?

The best people to name the platform are our customers; that’s what founders Tim & Chris Obdam were thinking when considering a name. Two points or criteria: It must be personal & approachable and representing the Dutch culture. So there it was: ‘Betsy’; a popular name for Dutch cows. To avoid confusion with the local agricultural industry, it turned into ‘Betty’. The second part of the name contains a part of our proposition - visual modeling with pre-programmed ‘blocks’. Betty Blocks was born.

7: What's the difference between low-code and no-code?

With a no-code platform, anyone can create any kind of application (business, web and mobile). The low learning curve makes it easier for you to structurally grow your business. Low-code still requires some coding, and coding is prone to human errors. Also, no-code is up to 10 times faster than regular coding. Low-code, at best, is only twice as fast. Read more about no-code vs low-code.

8: I don't need to deploy anymore?

That’s right, you don't need to deploy anymore. Everything is zero-deployment. The fast development and instant deployment to the cloud gives your organization the kind of agility it is looking for.

9: Do I need to download anything?

You don’t! Since the platform is 100% in the cloud, you can start working right away. No need to install software or deploy your app to a separate server. It’s hassle-free to make it easier, but also faster for you.

10: What is the most complex application that you have ever built?

We find that complexity is often subjective, but we feel this app is pretty complex:

  • An extensive CRM module
  • Registration module for conferences with about 15000 delegates a year
  • Membership module & portal
  • A module for all facilities regarding organising conferences
  • Abstract module for submissions, reviews etc
  • Invoicing options
  • Integration with external systems such a accounting software, BI tools, external websites and mobile apps

11: What are the boundaries of the platform?

The advanced no-code era is young, but very real and very much here. People can be sceptical of the extent a truly no-code platform has but you can go as complex as you like, the easiest way possible. You can build everything you need with an unlimited amount of users. Our pricing is based on the complexity of the app and not on a pay-per-user tier. 

Looking at specific platform features, we realize one or two are still in their adolescence. So if you need to know boundaries, well here are two:

  • Offline functionalities.
  • Our block store for featured blocks

12: Can I use Betty Blocks only for the development of applications? Or for prototyping as well?

Rapid prototyping is one of our key features. But the term prototyping doesn’t do it justice. You’re building a minimal operating application that functions as a prototype as well. But when the prototype validates the entire project, you can further develop this into a fully operating app, already having the foundation instead of starting over. This is a huge difference with traditional prototyping.

13: Can I take it to my own private cloud?

Sure! But what would your main reason be? The cloud is often much better secured. Security is not optional so we are the first no-code platform ever to obtain the ISO 27001 certification. Also, we’re taking the hosting, maintenance and security burden right of your shoulders and you always have the latest version without having to update manually.