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Anton van den Berg

Efficiently Manage Organization Access via User Provisioning

We're thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to our governance offering with the introduction of extended roles and permissions. This release is designed to provide company managers with even greater control and flexibility over their Blocks in the Block Store. Let's dive into the exciting new features:

Introducing: User Provisioning
User provisioning is a process that ensures user accounts are automatically created, given proper permissions, updated and have their access revoked to the platform.  These actions are triggered when information is added or changed in a personnel system, or identity provider. Preventing admins from having to do this manual when managing multiple organizations, that all have different organization roles and application development roles within said organizations. Some of the key benefits are: 

  • Efficiency: Administrators can quickly provision user accounts and assign appropriate roles and permissions, reducing onboarding time and minimizing errors.
  • Security: Provide correct and uniform access to the organizations within the platform, mitigating security risks and ensuring compliance.

How to get started
Starting with user provisioning requires an identity provider (IDP) and Single Sign-On (SSO) to be configured for the company. When this is set up company members with the permissions to manage the user provisioning can navigate to the settings of the company via the overview. Here they can configure the provisioning connectors so that the roles within the company and organization are connected to user attributes and group memberships from your IDP. Contact our support team when you need help and specifics for setting this up depending on the requirements of your IDP.

Take into account
When user provisioning is enabled the access and roles will be managed based on the connected identity provider. Users that log in without a provisioning connector to an organization role get their access revoked to that organization. When access is revoked this also impacts the application developer's access to the applications within that organization meaning they won’t be able to access those applications anymore.

During offboarding when users are removed from the identity provider they are not removed from the company & organization within the platform and will have to be removed manually within My Betty Blocks.

For more information please read the following documentation: User provisioning

Next steps
With this new feature, we significantly improve how to manage the users within the Betty Blocks platform from one centralized personnel system. Delivering a more user-friendly experience for administrators managing accounts.

In the future to further improve the user management within the platform we aim to give more insights into the activity of users. Next to that give an overview of the external and internal users within all the applications associated with the company. 

That was all for now, your feedback allows us to continuously improve our product. Please let us know what you think about it. Happy building! 😃 

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