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Barry Kraakman

Update: New render method for Page Builder BETA

We aim to better ever-evolving, always improving the platform to deliver a better experience. In some cases we update older features, but in this case we're overhauling a fairly new one.

Our new BETA Page Builder got a new technique that impacts the way pages are rendered.

We’re going to switch in runtime technique for the Page Builder BETA. This basically means all created BETA liquid pages aren’t editable as soon as we’ve switched. Don’t worry: this is only applicable for pages created in the BETA Page Builder. Everything that’s created in the page builder v1 (UI builder) stays untouched and functional.

All pre-existing liquid pages in BETA will be deleted today. Only Javascript powered pages are still available in the pages overview.

How do you know if you’re building a JS powered page? At this moment, the JS powered page builder isn’t as developed as our liquid version yet. From the moment we switch, you’ll notice that a couple of functionalities (and components) are missing. But don’t worry, we're working our butts off on a new component set. Soon, you'll be working as if nothing ever changed (but better).

If you think this is a radical change; it is. But we have couple of reasons to do it, and to do it now. Why? Here we go:

  • By making this decision, we don’t have to develop for 2 different render methods. Two render methods means two component sets, 2 page builders at functionality-level etc etc. 
  • This enables us to deliver a simpler UX for the builder
  • It will deliver a faster, market conform, experience for the end user
  • It will help us (development teams) to develop faster
  • It will make it easier to create custom / mobile components.

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