Product changes

Dusty Rowe

Update - Minor improvements and bug fixes

Conventional wisdom tells us to ‘Expect the unexpected’. Sometimes though, expected results sneak through the cracks but thanks to client feedback and testing, bugs don’t tend to hang around too long. This week the team has been hard at work to resolve the following little critters. 

  • Fixed a bug where a property could be deleted after you removed a property variable. The fix has been applied to new and existing properties.
  • We fixed a bug where error logs would not be delivered by e-mail to application developers who had subscribed for these notifications.
  • We fixed a bug in our endpoint and liquid caching functionality. End users will now experience more stable loading times of endpoints (when caching is used).
  • We fixed a bug where errored expression properties were not resolving at the expected speed and kept lingering.
  • We slightly changed the behavior of the Developer (checkbox) property in the User model of applications. This property can no longer be removed, this change is designed to protect builders against unintended results.

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