Product changes

Dusty Rowe

Update - Maintenance and bug-fixes

Making changes to the inner workings of our platform is always exciting. As with any changes, there’s some fine tuning that needs to be done. In the case of the expression resolver, some minor bugs popped up which were quickly squished.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in our expression properties resolver queue. The bug caused expressions to get stuck in the queue without updating.
  • Fixed a bug which caused unexpected expression properties to appear in bug reports. This error was specific to customer applications.
  • Fixed a bug where nested expression properties would cause the resolving process to become less stable. This process has been re-worked and is now functioning correctly.

Maintenance Actions

Developers are always most critical of their own code. The Betty Blocks team are no exception to the rule. With the latest update, they took the opportunity to clean up the database code and structure. Along with that, some minor changes were made to asset implementation. You might not see the changes as a user, but cleaner code makes future work much easier.

  • We did maintenance actions in our platform database code and structure.
  • Some minor changes were made in order to clean up the source code surrounding these elements.
  • We performed maintenance and made some small code changes to the codebase of our current asset implementation. The maintenance and updates are done to run application assets on for example AWS S3 even easier.  

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