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Jelmer Kok

Supporting Theme fonts in Application templates

Earlier this year, we released a feature to add your own typography fonts to your application. At that moment, supporting fonts in application templates was out-of-scope. Meaning, they wouldn't be included in the template's content yet. Now that time has passed! 

With one of the latest releases of the Platform, theme fonts are now supported in the scope of application templates. If you now create a template from an application that contained self-added fonts, the platform includes them into the template automatically. The new applications that you based on that template will get the fonts as well.

Schermafbeelding 2023-05-17 om 16.30.42

I hear you thinking: Do I have to update existing application templates? No, at least not to make use of this improvement. Existing application templates in the store that had already fonts included, do not need to be updated.

You want to know more about adding fonts to your application? please read the documentation page for more information. 

That was all for now, your feedback allows us to continuously improve our product. Please, let us know what you think about it. Happy building! 😃


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