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Robert van Boesschoten

Stability: Maintenance and bugfixes

Last period, we've been working hard on improving both the platform's stability, as on our tools to monitor it. For moments unforeseen, we expanded the information resources when the platform does not work as expected. This allows us to respond quicker and act more precise.

Read on below for additional information on each subject.

Busy state file properties

In some cases, a file upload to a record can result in a locked busy state. This means the upload did not complete successfully, leaving the property locked and the record unavailable for processing. This impacts the user tremendously, as it can obstruct daily processes. The platform did not notify the users when this happened.

While we're still working towards a solution for the initial problem, the platform now does notify the users, rendering an error log and 'releasing' the record. This way, the record can still be used in actions and whatnot, and the user can re-upload the file.

Internal monitoring

As mentioned above, we released additional tooling that allows us to react faster and with more precision in case of extraordinary situations. Not to be mixed up with the platform monitoring tools available for users, these work still the same.

Bootstrapping improvements

Another thing we released, but not so easily discovered, are performance improvements regarding endpoint bootstrapping. Including:

  • Endpoints
  • Endpoint templates
  • Endpoint properties 
  • Endpoint variables

These all contribute to an overall faster and more fluid experience when interacting with endpoints in general.

Other fixes

We also implemented a few smaller bugfixes that are less relevant, for they were only noticeable in a very few, select scenarios in a handfull of applications. Including:

  • Merge failures as a result of interfering with application queues.
  • Merging changes on private server breaks application as cached schema points towards old tables.

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