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Robert van Boesschoten

SMTP settings in new My Betty Blocks

Mailing has had a great part in business processes, and we've provided a way to include this in your application. Always. By making use of a platform-shared Mandrill account, you could start mailing straight away. For more options you could also use your own Mandrill account. 

Some of you need even more options, and we understand that. That's why you can configure your application to use your own SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server now.

SMTP settings in My Betty Blocks

Before you can start using your own SMTP server, you'll have to enter the required information. Look in the new My Betty Blocks settings for the 'SMTP' tab. There, you'll find input fields to connect to your server, including credentials and authentication settings.



Note: This form only allows you to connect to your own SMTP server. Knowledge about, and the option to configure, your own SMTP server is your own responsibility. Having more control over your mail options also means being responsible for maintenance.

Using your SMTP server

After filling in the form and saving your changes, you can immediately start mailing! Enabling SMTP automatically replaces the standard Mandrill API configuration and 'feeds' the Send Mail action event. 

Be sure to test your mail actions before using it in Production to ensure it all works as expected. Logs might look a bit different when errors are received from the SMTP server.

Note: Enabling SMTP will empty the Mandrill API key. Disabling SMTP won't magically re-enter the key. Make sure to enter your API key to keep your mailing up and running. You can also enter the following API key to use our (shared) Mandrill account: 


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