Product changes

Robert van Boesschoten

Small patches and additional expression functions

In this release, we tackled some small bugs you may (or may not) have been encountering. Besides that, we also added 2 new expression functions to calculate an amount of weeks. 

Below is an overview of all parts in this release:

New expressions:

  • num_weeks_between_dates(date, date)

Returns the difference between given dates, in weeks.

var:date1 = 2019-04-01
var:date2 = 2019-04-22
num_weeks_between_dates(var:date1, var:date2) >>> 3
  • num_weeks(year)

Returns the number of weeks in the given year.

var:year = 2019
num_weeks(var:year) >>> 52

See the Expression Reference​ in our documentation for more information.


  • Users without roles should have no read-permissions on models - fixed
  • Unable to update MyBettyBlocks avatar - fixed
  • Reset password no longer working - fixed
  • count(working_days()) expression resulting in errors - fixed

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