Product changes

Robert van Boesschoten

Small additions/patches Data API

With the new Data API only recently launched, the first additions are already here!



We changed the way how we store the metadata of an app. This is what we call an artifact. These artifacts are used by the data API in runtime. As a Builder, you won't experience any difference, but this will allow us to expand on in the future. More to come!

Error handling

We return better error feedback in the data API when:

  • End-users try to login with wrong credentials
  • Query is sent with incorrect authentication header
  • Query is sent with invalid JWT
  • Query for unauthorized models
  • The user model is not attached to the application role model.



Development can lead to unforeseen outcomes which need to be patched. Below is an overview of several bugs we implemented a fix for to the Data API.

  • Fix where roundtrip queries in query filter and sort were still possible
  • Fix where authorization permissions were not applied correctly when an application role was added.
  • Fix where querying on a newly added role returned an unauthorized error
  • Fix where the "IN" filter operator used in model permissions filtering returned an internal error when trying to retrieve data.
  • Fix where querying with an empty conditional would cause crashes, now these queries are validated beforehand and return a clear error message.



As a product is further developed, visions can shift and features need to be reassessed. In some cases, this results in the deprecation, or removal of said feature.

In this release, we deprecated the option to query directly on a (multi) file property. How to request file properties through the Data API is covered here!

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