Product changes

Anton van den Berg

Security improvements in the IDE

We have been working on our authentication provider to increase the security of our platform and your applications. You might have already seen the new login screen when you were logging in to My Betty Blocks. The same login will now be used for all applications when accessing the IDE builder environment. While doing so we also made some other improvements!

Here is what we did:

  • Changed the login screen & authentication provider to get an even better security, make it more future proof and align it with My Betty Blocks. Only difference will be that it will be displaying the logo and background image that you have configured for that application within My Betty Blocks.
  • Added a refresh token flow so your page no longer gets refreshed after inactivity. 
  • Added your account details in the bottom of our builder bar that contains useful links.
  • You are now able to logout via the IDE, it's the last item of your account menu.
  • Updated the error pages within the IDE to align with the look and feel of the application.


Note: We have currently only enabled this for our NL3 cluster, other clusters will follow shortly!

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