Product changes

Dusty Rowe

Repositioning of features in the Builder Bar

Updates ahoy! We've released some big changes for the Builder Bar to make it even more user-friendly – we’ve got your back, Citizen Developers. Everything you know and love is still there, it’s just been repositioned to let you work on individual application features in their own development space. That means you can really focus on your User Interface, Back Office, Actions or your Data Model without other features distracting you.

The biggest change here is that Pages and Endpoints are now two seperate locations. With this change it will be even clearer what builders can do within these features. To summarize, Pages uses our drag and drop builder to build interfaces which end-users use to interact with the application. Endpoints, on the other hand, are used to create custom HTML pages and JSON API’s which are not created using the Page Builder.


Besides this, we also changed how builders can access the Back Office to improve ease of use. The Back Office is now one of the regular Builder Bar items, instead of using the toggle between web and Back Office modules. Enabling Builder Mode in the Back Office is also changed. Now you can use the switch at the top of the user menu.

You’ll also notice some new icons that show more clearly what the features are about. We’ve also added the Quick Switcher to the Builder Bar for ease of access. Now the Quick Switcher can be opened by simply clicking on the search icon.

Please check our blog post for more detailed information.

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