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Robert van Boesschoten

Page Builder: Editable partials

Building an app through the Page Builder is already pretty fast, using standard component instead of traditional code. We 1-upped that by enabling the builder to use partials. Partials are global sets of components often used more than once on different places, combined to your own desire to fulfil a certain task. Think about a navigation menu, registration form or datatables with additional filters.

In one of our recent releases, we added editable partials, so builders can now modify and alter existing partials.

  • Users are able to edit their partials, this means changing the options of the components on the canvas and add / move or delete components within the partial
  • Users are able to disband a partial on the canvas, this means the partial will no longer be a partial and instead the components inside the partial will be selectable on the canvas again to change their options.


Try it out for yourself!

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