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Anton van den Berg

New application templates & more properties and interactions supported in the Page Builder

We've just released two new template applications 🎉  to slingshot you to working functionality, making you build applications even faster. We also enabled you to use more properties and interactions in the Page Builder.  Here are more details of what we did:

My Betty Blocks

  • We have added a login flow template application including a register and forgot password flow. Almost all applications need a login flow and this means you no longer have to built that from scratch!
  • The second template is an address book application where you can manage your contacts.

You can find these templates in the create new application flow.

Choose an application template



  • It's now possible to let an authenticated end-user end their active session, by setting up the 'logout' interaction on e.g. a button. Redirect the user to a different page for the best user experience, as the session stays active as long as the page isn’t refreshed/reloaded.
    Logout interaction
  • The interactions openDrawer, closeDrawer, openDialog, closeDialog, toggleDialog have been renamed to Show, Hide & Show/Hide to align the same functionality with consistent naming.
  • We have enabled the image, file and pdf properties so that you can use the values of these properties within different components. Currently it is only returning the url attribute of those properties, the name and sizes attributes will be added later.
  • The rich text property can now also be selected with the property browser and we have added an option to the text component to display this value. This way it can for example display bold text, paragraphs but also images.

Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think about it. 

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