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Anton van den Berg

New My Betty Blocks: Add users and Retry merge

Remember we released the new My Betty Blocks interface two weeks ago? That was only just the start, and now we got something new to add to it. Besides an overview of your application its sandboxes and available changes, you are now able to add new users and retry a merge after it failed. Read on below for more information.

Add users to application

In our 'old' interface, inviting (multiple) users could be a tedious job, taking more time than you'd like. In the new interface, you can enter several email addresses (or names, they'll match too). When happy with the new users, invite them all at once. 



Retry merge

Don't you hate it when you worked on something, tried to merge, and the the whole thing derailed? We do, too! Previously, you had to contact us, we did some magic and it worked again. That takes a lot of your (and our) precious time. While our new merger is much more stable, accidents can still happen, so now you can retry your merge if it all went south.


If it keeps throwing the message it's failing, you can still get in touch with us, of course!

That's it for now, keep an eye out for new changes in the next weeks!


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