Product changes

Paul Engel

New functions and features

In our latest release, a few valuable changes have been made regarding mailing, SAML and My Betty Blocks. Take a look below:

  • New expression function to decrypt SAML responses. Some SAML providers send encrypted SAML responses back to the application which you first need to decrypt using a private key. 
  • Provide the ability for builders to use their own SMTP server to send emails from their Betty Blocks application. Not available through the interface yet, contact us to have this set up.
  • Users now need to verify ownership of their hostnames. Hostnames are entered in the application settings in the MyBB environment. We built this feature to improve the security of hostnames even more.
  • Users are now able to move an application between organizations. This can be done in the MyBB environment.

We also did some polishing by releasing the bug fixes.

  • Fixed bug where empty mailboxes configs caused mailbox sync error.
  • Fixed bug where an invalid zone caused the merge button to disappear for all applications across all zones.

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