Product changes

Anton van den Berg

Loading of relational lists in your pages

We have been working on improvements for loading in the data in the pages built by the Page Builder. These improvements give you more control over the way data is loaded so that you can improve the performance of your pages. This is already released and available for you to use on production!

The following video gives a detailed explanation of the added features:


  • When nesting data components inside other data components you can now select a relational model in the inner component so that this data is fetched via a single query.
    Note: Filtering, Ordering and Pagination are not yet supported on the selected relational models.
  • When configuring a filter you can now use the exists operator that checks if the value of the property is set or not so that only the records are returned that match that filter.
That was all for now, your feedback allows us to continuously improve our product. So please, let us know what you think about it!

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