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Lisanne Steenis

List of release notes - Week 30,31,32 & 33 - 2022

Over the last 4 weeks, we have been working on improvements to the platform. In this blog post, you can see a simple list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed. Read more about the release notes of weeks 30,31,32 and 33 of 2022.


  • Pro coders can now define a wrapper component in the prefab structure so that no coders select a group of components on the canvas and update the options of the different components within that structure. Read more in wrapper & linked options.
  • No coders can unlock a wrapper component so that they can edit any advanced options within that structure or move them. Note: The wrapper concept will be added to our page templates in the upcoming weeks.
  • Public or Authenticated pages can now be distinguished via an icon in the pages overview.
  • We have improved selecting a tab or step in the tab and stepper component by adding a new component option. This means we now display a button group instead of a number input.
Next Gen Forms
  • Pro coders can now define structures that create next gen actions based on the selected models and properties in the wizard. Read more in the documentation.
  • No coders can now place layout component within the beta form component to structure their forms.
  • No coders can now select model relations to update one or multiple records of a relation model.
  • The Multi Autocomplete has been added to the beta form components so that end users can submit a list of records.
  • All validation errors are now displayed in the alert error after submitting the form instead of just one.
  • Pro coders can send a create, update or delete many mutations and get a return of a list of records so that they can use that response in the following action steps. Note: only affects sandboxes to not make breaking changes


New Actions
  • No coders can now use the condition step to execute different paths based on a checkbox variable or property.
My Betty Blocks
  • All application template previews can now be opened directly from the card



  • Login models generated by creating authentication profiles now generated an email property instead of a user name property.

  • Validate empty list on createMany/deleteMany input no longer results in error
  • Invalid regexes when querying the data API now return error messages
  • Application permission are nested under the model in the merge overview
  • Update permissions now successfully affect the compiled runtime


New Actions
  • The updated_at and created_at properties are no longer assignable in the create and update step.
  • It wasn't possible to select a property of a record as action output. This has now been fixed.
  • Saving a step without an output variable name no longer results in a compilation error.

My Betty Blocks
  • Opening My Betty Blocks in a fresh browser instance could return an unclear error message. This has now been resolved, as you will be redirected to the Login page. 


  • Beta forms toggle is now enabled by default for new and existing applications to increase the adoption of our Next Generation Actions. We are also in the process of removing the mention of “beta” components as we are moving closer towards officially promoting the forms out of beta. (By current estimations this will be in September)

New Actions
  • As a reminder; please be aware that as of September 5th, all Next Gen Actions that use custom steps that have not been updated to have a version number will break compilation of your app. Read more about this in our previously sent blog about this topic.

That was all for now. Your feedback allows us to continuously improve the Product. So please, let us know what you think about it!

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