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Jelmer Kok

List of release notes - Weeks 14 and 15 - 2021

Over the last 2 weeks, we have been working on improvements to the platform. In this Blog Post, you can see a simple list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed. Read more about the release notes of Weeks 14 and 15, 2021... 


  • Page Builder - It's now possible to add your newly created Component to existing Component Blocks. Read more about it in this special post.
  • Page Builder - We've added an option to the Dialog Component to enable or disable the backdrop functionality. Read more about it in this special post.
  • Page Builder - The outer space option is added to the Paper Component. Read more about it in this special post.
  • Page Builder - We now support Property search in the Property browser of Form input Components in the Page Builder. 
  • Page Builder - As a Component builder, it is now possible to create a custom Component with two Form Components in it (with two input variables and two custom models). 
  • Page Builder - There is a full-width Component option added to the File upload Button. 
  • Page Builder - It's possible to customize the Application's favicon in Runtime. You can change this on request (via Support). 
  • DataModel - You can now add Files, Images, and List Properties in bulk in the new DataModel IDE.
  • DataModel - Besides the bulk property create feature, you are now also able to update Text and Number Property kinds in the new DataModel IDE. You can do this via the detail view of each Property. The unsupported kinds at this moment will follow in the upcoming weeks. 


  • Page Builder - Unsaved changes prompted after saving changes in the Application's Theme.
  • Page Builder - Slow response on the first select of Components on the canvas.
  • Page Builder - Fixed a Font weight overwrite issue in the default Component set. 
  • Page Builder - Fixed an issue where a Custom favicon did not work properly on browsers at Mobile devices.
  • DataModel - We fixed a bug where creating List Properties could cause a non-usable Model in the IDE. 
  • Actions - Actions canvas was not rendering correctly, after you had deleted an Action Step for example in the new Actions IDE. 
  • Actions - We fixed a slow performance issue in Custom Functions that used the Data API combined. 
  • Actions - We fixed a timeout error that occurred when using Data in Custom Functions. 


That was all for now. Your feedback allows us to continuously improve the Product. So please, let us know what you think about it!

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