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Barry Kraakman

Improved Data Container and more enhancements in the Page Builder

Ever wanted to use the Data Container component in the Page Builder to construct a detail view of a record, but found it too complex to build? Not anymore! With our newly added wizard to the Data Container, you can create a detail view in just 3 clicks!

It was never easier to use a Data Container to create a detail view of your records. We’ve extended the component with a wizard which allows you to completely configure it within 3 steps. Drag the component on the canvas, specify the source of the data using the wizard, press save and the component is ready to use. Check it out in the video below. 

More Page Builder enhancements: 

  • Do you want to have multiple call to actions on e.g. a record, but not always show every button on first sight? With the new 'menu' component, you're now able to create a dropdown menu within seconds!


  • When using data inside a list component, you first had to drag the component into the context of a dataContainer. With the new ListWithData component, you can set model and properties directly on the component options itself!


  • A new Button category is added to our default component set. Prepare for more Buttons to come!


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