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Manouk van Gerwen

How Betty Blocks updated Background Jobs makes your application perform even better

Day in and day out, we are happy to continuously improve your ultimate experience on the Betty Blocks platform. For example, we have recently been busy working to ensure that our servers perform as optimally as possible. To make this upgrade possible, we will provide our Background Jobs with an adjustment related to the maximum duration.

The benefits of bringing Background Jobs to a next level

Until recently, our Background Jobs could still make use of an unlimited maximum duration. By now limiting these Background Jobs, Betty Blocks is able to distribute activities on the server – and which require a certain capacity – much better and more fairly. This also makes it possible to implement fixes faster on the servers if necessary. In short, flexibility is the magic word here.

Time to update your roadmap 

Keep in mind that you may have to make adjustments to your application. In order to be able to take this into account in good time, changing the maximum term will be tackled in phases. On July 1 2022, the first limit will be set at 4 hours. Customers with applications that could be affected by this have already been notified. On October 1 2022, the final step will be taken with an update to a maximum duration of 1 hour.

Be ready for the Betty Blocks future

An important first step is to determine whether your application will be impacted by this. You can easily check this by going to <my-app> Then view the execution time. With a small calculation of the number of seconds that you see at the execution time. Then dividing this number by 3600, it indicates how many hours the maximum duration of the action is. If it is above 1 hour? Your action is in the danger zone and you will have to take action. If that was not successful before entering the limit, the action will automatically stop and you will receive an error in the application logs that the action has stopped.


Does your action last longer than 1 hour? Then follow the step-by-step plan below:


  1. Investigate whether it is possible to (partly) rebuild the action with Betty Blocks Next Generation Actions. This feature is still under development and more and more beautiful things will become possible in the coming months. It is therefore possible that your action is not yet fully suitable for converting the action to this at the moment. Keep a close eye on developments in this area by attending the Betty Blocks Product Webinar or following the Product changes Blog.
  2. Optimize current action by
    1. not to process large collections of data in one action. If you are going to do something with large amounts of records, always divide this into batches. You can find an example here;
    2. and configure each action in a loop to run in the background.


Get in touch with our Experts!

Our team and partners are here to help if you have a specific use case and need support through it. Together we can take a look at how your use case can be tailored to your specific needs. So don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts for more info!

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