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Sam van de Kreeke

First shipments of the new Data Model and Action builder are available

In one of the latest releases, we shipped new parts to our IDE (the new builder environment of the platform). In a nutshell: we enabled the first parts of the new Data Model and Action builder with new designs and UX. We also introduced a solution for the missing features, those you are used to have in the builder environment of the platform.


The new Data Model builder

The new Page builder was already available in the IDE but as of now, we have also enabled the new Data Model builder with brand new design and UX. You can open it either directly via the Builderbar or from the context on your page builder pages where you are using models (e.g. at Data Table or Data Container components).

The new Data Model builder consists of the new flow of models, listing of models, detail view per model with properties, relations, and settings. Every list is supported by pagination, a search bar, and sorting options. The property and relation detail views can be opened and other linked entities can be also opened from here (e.g. PDF property template).

We hear you thinking, is that everything? No it's not! Some features are not supported natively in the IDE yet, but we introduced a solution for this as well. For missing features, an iFrame pops up and shows the previous builder environment of the platform. This means that you are not blocked by missing features and you don’t have to leave the IDE anymore to build and design your application. Previously you had to work in multiple browser tabs or you had to navigate back to the previous builder environment. The new IDE works seamlessly with the popup window and makes sure that the (meta)data is in sync.

The main features we currently support in the popup window are: creating and changing properties or relations, changing model permissions, the model schema view, and opening the PDF property templates. In the near future, we will be working hard on getting them natively in the IDE itself!


The new Action builder

Together with the new Data Model builder, the first parts of the new Action builder are available as well. This new IDE part is also shipped with brand new designs and UX in rendering and building logical actions in your application. Just like the Data Model builder, you can either open it via the Builder bar directly or from the context on your page builder pages where you are using actions (e.g. at Form or Button components). 

The new Action builder contains a listing and canvas view of actions. When opening an action, you will see a sidebar and canvas, pretty similar to the Page Builder. On the canvas the action steps are shown. The most used step kinds are also supported with a detail view to show the step options and configuration. Action steps are supported with more information about what they do and what they return. With some steps you can open the linked entities such as a model on the create step and an authentication profile on the login step.

This latest release means that you don’t have to leave the IDE anymore to view and change your actions. Now you can do this from within the IDE and for any missing features, we have enabled the popup window solution. The main features we support in the popup currently are: new action flow, changing the action’s canvas and step configurations, changing data, and settings. In the near future, just like the Data Model builder, we will be working hard on getting them natively in the IDE itself!

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