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Robert van Boesschoten

Application governance update: Private mode

In this release, we give platform users the option to restrict access to their precious creations and data. Done through a single setting, applications can be set to Private, meaning only builders of said application can access its pages.

Private mode

Applications are public by default, meaning that everyone (with the right authorization) can view data via Pages or directly via the Data API. Next to this public mode, applications can also be used in private mode. 

What is it?

Applications can be used in one of two modes: public or private.

Public applications are the default, where end-users can interact with data via Pages or via the Data API. Access to data is managed by model permissions only.

Private applications follow the same rules as public applications, with one addition: only Builders can interact with data. So, data is only available when someone authenticated as a Builder. Builders are members of an application and can be managed via My Betty Blocks.

When can I use it?

When building a new application, you want to focus on just that: building the main framework of the application, set-up your data models, filling the back office with data, etc. More advanced topics like role-based model permissions should not be part of this first phase of an application’s life. Or in other words: you don’t want to worry about accidentally exposing sensitive data to the public because some model permissions are not set (correctly).

When an application is in private mode, only Builders you assigned to the application can interact with the data. While model permissions are still applied as normal, the check on authentication as a Builder provides an extra safety net for your data.

Want to use it?

There is not one single way to utilize this new feature, as it affects multiple aspects of your application. To find out more about the Private and Public app mode feature, take a look at the following documentation.

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