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Robert van Boesschoten

Additional settings for new My Betty Blocks

Another one! Yet another release fully dedicated to the new version of My Betty Blocks. While the last releases were focussed on existing features, we're happy to say we're bringing something new to the table.

Read on below.

Existing My Betty Blocks features

Replacing or renewing an existing tool always comes with the challenge to avoid shortcomings as opposed to its predecessor. Below is a list of existing features and options we've added.

  • Application options
  • Web options
  • Invite mail template 
  • Hostnames
  • Profile settings

Each of these settings work as you'd expect from the 'old' version.

New My Betty Blocks feature

Ah, the good stuff. A new feature that is truly helpful.

  • Surpressed debug logging

When developing an application, and actions in particular, you're using the debug options provided by the platform to see if everything works as it should. Then, after you're done, the new action is merged to a production environment. Happy days. 

But the debug settings are still on, and this requires resources of your application. Instead of turning of these settings each time you merge (potentially on dozens of actions), there's an option to surpress debug logging on each action for an entire environment. 

image (1).png

After doing so, the logs will show a notification of its current state. The application won't use the debugging tools, increasing the performance of your actions. Log messages from before won't be affected and can still be viewed. In case an error occurs, the logs will show it the same way it always did.

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