Innovation Weekly: The Silent Productivity Killers

Truly innovative ideas come in all shapes and sizes. For business users like you and I, we tend to look at our own daily processes to identify needs. However, looking towards the human element of business (and our daily lives) can inspire genuine solutions that improve our lives in unexpected ways.

This week, I’d like to share some innovative ideas and creations which directly (or indirectly) help you get the most out of every day. Whether that’s by improving your mental health or giving you tools to improve your own performance.


Your personal stress relief counselor

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says “chatbot”? For most people, this conjures up images of frustrating ‘live’ chat options where you speak to ‘Ryan’ (who only has 3 automated responses). But, what if there was a chatbot out there which actively helps reduce stress?

Allow me to introduce you to Woebot. This little guy might look like something out of a cartoon, but he's filled to the brim with some incredible ideas and technology. So let’s dive into what Woebot actually does. Woebot is an interactive chatbot that you can download on the app store. Every day he’ll ask you questions about how you’re doing and how you’re feeling.



Sounds simple enough, right? Well, the team behind Woebot has combined machine learning with experts in modern psychology to ‘learn’ your state of mind. Once it learns your general habits, it will recommend exercises tailored to combating the root cause of your stress. Some of these can be simple breathing exercises, while others may guide you through meditation.

It’s easy to be skeptical of something like this. Stress is no laughing matter and it’s one of the leading causes of illness or loss of productivity. So, even if you don’t ‘think’ you can gain from Woebot, I suggest giving it a try for just a couple days. You may just end up being pleasantly surprised.

Note: The team behind Woebot are professionals, but do not claim that their application is a replacement for therapy. Check out their website for details:

Stand up for yourself

Did you know that sitting for more than 8 hours a day can increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes? It’s a really scary thought considering how much of our time is spent either behind a computer or watching our favorite TV shows over the weekend. But, what are our alternatives?


A recent article published by Time Magazine put standing desks to the test. The outcome of which highlighted the benefits of using a standing desk for just 1 hour a day had significant impact on their engagement at work.

You may be thinking that a standing desk isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but let’s look at the core of this. Innovation has one goal: create a solution to improve your daily processes. If making one change can impact both your physical and mental health, then why not find ways to make that change happen?

I'm not saying that standing desks are your only option. There are dozens of tools which can remind you to get up from your desk and walk around every now and again. Use them!

Everything in moderation

Nobody can focus 100% of their time and energy to a single task. Our brains work in efficiency cycles, where our motivation and drive are at their peak. Understanding your own best times for productivity can help you get the most out of your day. 

Luckily there are tools out there like RescueTime which help you gain perspective on your working habits. The idea isn't to put pressure on your to perform better, but rather to set goals and learn the best way to approach your day. 

Things like scheduled breaks, timed website blockers and daily highlights are just a couple things you can take advantage of here.

If you're feeling brave, then this is also something that you could create for yourself. After all, we're surrounded by a wealth of powerful technology, so get creative and see what you can make.

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What should you take away from this?

Honestly, the biggest takeaway for this week is just to look after yourself. What that means for you could be totally different from anyone else. So find out what helps you be productive and try include those things in your daily routine. Or, get out there and create something for yourself. 

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