Will Humans Still Matter in the Future of Software Development?

Are we humans the last barrier in technological advancement? We sat down with Chris Obdam, CEO of Betty Blocks, and Victor Küppers, VP of Marketing, to discuss this and many other questions. Sign up here to get early access for this on-demand webinar, or read on the see what you can expect:

It's always about making things easier

Innovation has always been about making our lives easier and we’ve reached a point where almost every barrier has been removed. Next to simplifying the way we build applications, the cloud has a massive impact on innovation. If you're 25 or younger, it’s hard to imagine the difficulty we used to go through when installing tools (yes, the struggle was real). We’ve removed that entire burden, all for the sake of making things easier.

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Right now, Chris and the Betty Blocks team are implementing artificial intelligence in the  platform. "We aren’t at the point yet where AI will build your entire application, but it will guide you in what steps to take next and once again, this makes things easier." 

“For us humans the world revolves around other humans and technology should help with that.” - Chris Obdam

Software matters for literally everyone

Betty Blocks has a clear dot on the horizon for the near future: In 2023 anyone can build an application. An audacious goal for technology, but what it's really beneficial for is humanity. According to Chris, software emerges in all parts of our life. It’s important to have at least basic knowledge of how this works so you can participate in the future as well. Right now, if you don’t know how to operate basic computer tasks or can’t operate a smartphone, you’re left behind. The same will go for application development in the near future.

By making this process as easy as possible, we lower the threshold for people to get comfortable with application development. Also, when you know how this works, you are in control of your job and your future. We see a huge rise in the Citizen Development movement, which is at the forefront of what we can expect in the future. 

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