How You Become As Valuable As the Technology Around You

With the availability of agile development software, companies are now changing faster than ever. Evolution is taking place at the core of every business with simplification, automation, and powerful software offerings becoming the new standard....

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4 Reasons IT Departments Need to Embrace No-Code

Your entire organization has software needs and IT departments end up burning the candle at both ends to meet demands. On one side, they’re focused on scaling the business with new technologies. While on the other, they’re putting out software...

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Innovation Weekly: Nothing is too Far Outside the Box

I remember when the internet really started to feel like a community. It started out with groups of lifestyle bloggers sharing their stories and rapidly evolved into a gigantic worldwide network of people thanks to Facebook and YouTube. Suddenly...

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Citizen Developers Before Their Time: Antoni Gaudí and Steve Jobs

When Antoni Gaudí built the Sagrada Familia, the architect designed it organically, inspired by the natural form. When Steve Jobs got the idea for his Macintosh, natural ways of interaction inspired him too. What these great visionaries had in...

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Innovate or Die: Why Businesses Should Build Their Own Applications

Not too long ago, organizations hardly ever considered building their own applications. But times have changed and so have business strategies. With the growing availability of no-code platforms, the era of the Citizen Developer has arrived. An...

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