How You Become As Valuable As the Technology Around You

With the availability of agile development software, companies are now changing faster than ever. Evolution is taking place at the core of every business with simplification, automation, and powerful software offerings becoming the new standard....

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Innovation Weekly: The Silent Productivity Killers

Truly innovative ideas come in all shapes and sizes. For business users like you and I, we tend to look at our own daily processes to identify needs. However, looking towards the human element of business (and our daily lives) can inspire genuine...

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Innovation Weekly: SpaceX’s Unique Trash Solution; Google Opens War on Privacy

Learning how to take the brakes off your own mind is a challenge. We tend to look inwards when looking for innovative new solutions but, there’s a whole world out there to learn from. So, I pulled some of the most creative, out-of-the-box, and...

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Meet the Platform: UI Builder, Data Models, and Actions

So you know exactly what kind of application you want to build. You can visualize the whole thing in your head and damn is it sweet. Congratulations, you’re most of the way there. Now, let’s take a look at the specific platform features you’ll...

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What Kinds of Applications can you Build Without Coding?

In my last blog, “No-code: How it Works”, we went over the basics of what no-code platforms really are. Which is great if you’re just starting out but it does, of course, raise a second very important question. What applications can you create? ...

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Women Hold Up Half the Sky (But Not in Tech, Yet)

Remember when tech was a boring place for boring men? Yeah, those days are over. Tech has become a vibrant and fun ecosystem that moves faster than ever. What hasn’t changed much is that it’s still a predominantly male world. But we think that...

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2019 Market Outlook: No- and Low-code Platforms

HpaPaaS. RAD. DPA. LCAP. OMG. WTF. Whatever you call them, there are no-code platforms and there are low-code platforms. They allow users to build different types of applications with limited coding or none at all, and they do so because software...

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No-code: How it Works

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “How can you possibly build an application without writing a single line of code?”

Let’s start by acknowledging what coding is. Building an application traditionally requires 2 things:...

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3 Key Takeaways from Betty Blocks on Stage 2019: Foundation for the Future

Alright, let’s just put this out there: Betty Blocks on Stage was insane and went above and beyond anything we could ever imagine possible! Apart from the atmosphere and great energy, the main function of the event was providing valuable insights...

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