[Customer Case] Univé Creates New Line of Insurance with Betty Blocks' No-Code Platform

Read how Dutch insurance company Univé used the Betty Blocks no-code platform to enable a new line of preventive services, cutting back time to market from 1 year to 2,5 months and speeding up development time by 75 percent.

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Betty Blocks Builds App to Reduce Ecological Footprint (Testers Wanted)

How can we help bring down our destructive impact on the environment? By building an application that measures exactly how big our ecological footprint actually is. And how do you build fully functioning software like this in under 3 weeks? With...

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No-code, innovation, application development, prototype, climatecoach4u, ecological footprint

Why No-Code Platforms Are Key Digital Transformation Tools Rather Than a Shadow IT Nightmare

These days, every organization is a software company, whether they like it or not. To keep up with increasing customer demand for agility and speed, businesses have to digitally transform and innovate. And with a shortage of IT developers,...

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4 Reasons IT Departments Need to Embrace No-Code

Your entire organization has software needs and IT departments end up burning the candle at both ends to meet demands. On one side, they’re focused on scaling the business with new technologies. While on the other, they’re putting out software...

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Digital Transformation, Citizen Development, No-code solution, Developer happiness, innovation, application development

The Rise of the Citizen Developer: The Secret to Successful Innovation

Is your organization experiencing an IT backlog with no end in sight? Organizations today are pressured to find business solutions faster, but IT departments can’t always keep up with the demand. Citizen Developers can help reduce the burden on...

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Betty Blocks No-Code Platform Joins MLS Champions Atlanta United FC with New Partnership and Educational App

Press Release - 11 June 2019 - Betty Blocks, the leading no-code development platform, has announced a new partnership with Atlanta United FC. With this next major step in stirring things up on American soil, the Dutch innovation company is...

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What Kinds of Applications can you Build Without Coding?

In my last blog, “No-code: How it Works”, we went over the basics of what no-code platforms really are. Which is great if you’re just starting out but it does, of course, raise a second very important question. What applications can you create?...

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The Skills Ladder for Nontraditional Developers


Nobody likes to give up control. When many CIOs and IT managers first hear about citizen developers, they may worry that citizen developers don’t know enough to develop applications that add business value, but know just enough to create a mess...

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Why CIOs Choose This No-Code Platform to Consistently Innovate

Innovation is not just a one-time competitive advantage for businesses anymore. Transforming the business from within and adapting with agility are now necessary for organizations to be sustainable in a digital age.

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Digital Transformation, innovation, application development, betty blocks, speeding up

What to Know about the Betty Blocks Platform, Part 1

Whether you’re just learning about no-code for the first time, interested in building with no-code or if you’ve already started building with Betty Blocks, we want to provide you with all the information you need to succeed in your application...

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