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Dusty Rowe

Update - Minor improvements and bug fixes

Conventional wisdom tells us to ‘Expect the unexpected’. Sometimes though, expected results sneak through the cracks but thanks to client feedback and testing, bugs don’t tend to hang around too long. This week the team has been hard at work to resolve the following little critters. 

  • Fixed a bug where a property could be deleted after you
Dusty Rowe

Update - Expression properties resolver

We’ve been working our fingers to the bone over the last months to migrate all Betty Blocks applications to the expression properties resolver. Today, we are excited to share that 98% of all production applications are running on this new resolving technique. In the upcoming days/weeks, we are planning to knock out the last 2% as well.

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Dennis Tel

Update - Better error handling of PDF generation

We have updated the error handling in the PDF generation process. When a PDF document is generated, the PDF property on that record is marked as 'busy' or 'in progress'. When the generation fails (for example, when the row size is too large) there was no proper error handling in place.

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