Product changes

Dusty Rowe

Update - Maintenance and bug-fixes

Making changes to the inner workings of our platform is always exciting. As with any changes, there’s some fine tuning that needs to be done. In the case of the expression resolver, some minor bugs popped up which were quickly squished.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in our expression properties resolver queue. The bug caused expressions to get stuck in
Dusty Rowe

Update - Expression properties resolver

We’ve been working our fingers to the bone over the last months to migrate all Betty Blocks applications to the expression properties resolver. Today, we are excited to share that 98% of all production applications are running on this new resolving technique. In the upcoming days/weeks, we are planning to knock out the last 2% as well.

Don’t let

Bas Dirks

New feature - New 'time in timezone' function

We have built a new expression function, called time in timezone. With this new function you can express a given date-time value to a different timezone: time_in_timezone(var:date_time, "UTC" ). The output of this expression returns me the variable 'date_time' in UTC time.


New time in timezone function to a date time expression variable



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