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Lisanne Steenis

List of release notes - Week 34, 35, 36 and 37 - 2022

Over the last 4 weeks, we have been working on improvements to the platform. In this blog post, you can see a simple list of what has been changed, updated, and/or what bugs have been fixed. Read more about the release notes of weeks 34, 35, 36 and 37 of 2022.


  • The ‘beta’ form components will be made the default form components a bit later than the previously communicated ‘end of September’. By our current plan, this will now happen halfway through October.
Next Gen Actions
  • Our main effort is going to make custom created Action Steps shareable in the store. Our first results look very promising. Keep an eye on these updates to be informed about the launch of this feature.
  • Soon we’ll release a new feature for Data Sources. It will be possible to share your Data Sources via the Block store. We will also provide some Data Sources via the public Block store for everyone to use
  • All references to the Forum are updated to the newly launched Community. 


  • In the page settings the authentication profile selector is updated. This means it is now possible to create a new authentication profile from within the page settings.

  • Next Gen Forms:
    • File and Image upload has been added to the forms with a larger max upload capacity (25mb)
    • The permissions of an action are now shown on components that use them and it's possible to directly navigate there to update it. 
    • Inputs can be placed outside a form on the canvas again to filter data
    • Inputs no longer require a property to be added to the form to offer custom setups
Next Gen Actions
  • Added two keybindings to the Actions IDE
    • ActionStep detail view: When the focus is in an input field of any kind,[Cmd]+[Enter] (or [Ctrl]+[Enter] for windows) triggers a form submit and save the ActionStep
    • ActionStep detail view: When you hit [Esc] it closes the detail view


  • Next Gen Forms
    • Input variables in forms wouldn’t work properly with duplicated pages, this is now resolved. 
    • The spacing for the autocomplete inputs was off (too much), this has been corrected. 
    • Duplicated forms via pages no longer get their input variables deleted due to improper dependency references
  • Added ‘www’ to custom hosts, to allow requests from as well as
  • Datasource model validation: now we allow ids to be strings as well as integers

Next Gen Actions
  • The Action Settings sidebar closes when switching from the Permissions tab back to the Options tab
  • Fixed an error where the Record as a result from a Create Step could not be used in a Belongs-To relation within a subsequent Create Step.
  • Fixed pagination on the Actions overview


  • During the creation of an authentication profile you could previously get an error message about an empty field (for an input that is not actually required), this is now resolved. 
  • While editing the default authentication profile it could remove it as the default profile, this is now fixed.

My Betty Blocks
  • Scrolling in the about section of a Block was not possible, this is now resolved.


That was all for now. Your feedback allows us to continuously improve the Product. So please, let us know what you think about it!

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