5 Last-Minute Applications to Build For Your Business This Holiday


The holidays are quickly approaching and you may be wondering how to develop some last-minute innovative solutions for your company by the end of the year. Online shopping has become the preference of most consumers and this year, global online sales growth is expected to reach a new record high

To prepare your business for the holiday shopping madness, consider building new applications. Apps can help improve customer engagement, manage and organise operations automatically, and spark innovation in your company.

By using no-code application development software, you can quickly create an application that is customized to your company’s sales objectives for the upcoming holiday period. The possibilities in creating a holiday business solution are endless. Here are a few ideas to light up your application-development inspiration.

Automated Email Flow Application for Gift Ideas

Thinking of gift ideas for multiple people can be difficult for customers. If they are searching for one specific item on your company's web store, they may be unaware that another great gift for another great friend may be there too. 

Creating an automated email flow application that alerts buyers of other possible gift ideas make their holiday errands a little easier, without them even knowing. If a customer buys a specific item, you can design the application to send them an automated follow-up email with similar gift ideas.

Customer Service Automation Application as Santa’s Helper

The holiday season is a busy period for consumers. Buyers may be rushing to buy last-minute presents and therefore have less patience with their purchases. When your customer support team gets overloaded with questions from customers, the customers are forced to wait for a response. The last thing customers want in a holiday rush, is a long wait period. 

You can greatly help both the customer service department and the customers by building an automated application which responds to customers’ common questions if they are waiting for longer than 10 minutes, and act as Santa’s digital helper.

Social Connections Application for No Forgotten Gifts 

Improve customer engagement during the holidays by helping them remember to buy and organize all the gifts they need this year. You can create an application that allows them to link their social media account or address book and automatically collect their contacts from those sources. 

As customers purchase gifts for each contact, the gift can be listed under the name and the name gets checked off the list. Customers will not only have an automated, organized system but they can also better remember everyone on their nice list.

All-in-One Systems Application for Inventory Management 

Holiday inventory management can be a big endeavor for companies. Many corporate retailers struggle to align their inventory with evolving consumer demands. 

To better manage inventory of products this season, find out what your business needs and create an application that integrates systems such as order and payment processing, shipping and tracking, and returns. This allows inventory management to better track the flow of products and in turn helps your business maintain a profit from sales. As you customize the application, you have the flexibility to make adjustments based on changes in the market.

Testing Ideas Application for New Year’s Innovation 

Along with preparing your business for the gift-giving season, planning your innovation strategies for the new year is just as important. Any new idea you have can be tested and proved through creating an application. 

All citizen developers can use no-code software to rapidly and easily develop applications and implement innovative solutions before the start of the new year. Be the holiday hero of your company, and create the RAD solutions that will help your business thrive. With Betty Blocks' no-code application development platform, your creative solutions are abound.

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